Shrimp Chilli Paste

150.00 ฿

Shrimp Chilli Paste
A Thai traditional shrimp chilli paste made of selected ingredients such as dried shrimp, dried red chilli and red onion. With high content of dried shrimp, you could enjoy natural and flavorful taste of shrimp and also spicy taste of Thai chilli. This chilli paste goes well espescially with blanched vegetables, baked fish, grilled meat and can be used for seasoning Thai style dishes such as Tom Yum Kung, spicy fried rice or as a ingredient of Thai spicy and sour dipping sauce (Jim-Jaw).
Packaging : Easy Open End Plastic Jar
Product Size : 74Dia x 95H mm.
Shelf life : 4 months at room temperature and 12 months in refrigerator