Old School Rolled Cake

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Old school rolled cake
Give it a name because it is a roll of vanilla flavor and coffee that when eaten, it reminds me of childhood memories of a few snacks. Because he was a child from another province But it is the most delicious and impressive dessert to this day
Even when growing up, can eat sweets that are tasty, expensive and luxurious. But finally still excited and always come back to die when Aunt and Aunt made it for various occasions Sometimes I ask my aunt and aunt to give out to give friends and followers to have fun.

This roll may look normal but the taste is very sure. Soft, smooth, fragrant Sandless Meaning that when eaten it is smooth and smooth Eating at a normal temperature or eating out of the refrigerator is also very gentle.

The cook is very attentive and selects the ingredients well. Fresh chicken eggs can be done in small increments because you are already retired. But Im bears asking Aunt to make it because he wants customers to try Rolls that look just plain but have a surprise to taste And missing childhood feelings

Delivered via transportation Im bear trying to pack the best to keep the products safe. Received and immediately eat or store in the refrigerator should be eaten in 1-2 days.

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