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Authentic Wollongong, Chippo, Tanyong No difference because it has a unique aroma. This fruit is cut directly from our garden. In the red area And having to say that Suan received the award too Is grown without chemicals in every process In the water, clean, fertile land in a box containing 5 kg consisting of longkong cut into a bouquet. Which has a bouquet size of about 500-700 grams. With the ripening of the ripe fruit, so must be honestly told that the chance to find the fruit to fall out of the ripe fruit easily fall off. Combined with the force of transportation will cause some loss. There are more gardens that cut the Wollongong when not yet very mature. Which is still strong But the taste is more fresh and sour Therefore, Suan Suan would like to choose an excerpt that is ripe because it will give a better flavor.

This wollongong during shipping will be closed in the box. And take time to travel 1-3 days depending on the area And carrier But the actual fruit of the Wollongong would like to be in an open airy, well ventilated place Will keep longer Therefore, upon receipt, advise customers to take it out and spread it out.

* Cannot be ordered together with other products of Im Mee. Because shipping from different locations *

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