Green Curry Paste

150.00 ฿

IMMHEE Branded green curry chili paste, more than a hundred years old, passed down to the last generation, providing golden yellow aromatic curry. Easy to cook
Green Curry Recipe (4-5 places)
Ingredients: Meat 3 matches, 1-2 green curry paste,
2 strands of coconut cream, mixed 0.5 tbsp of coconut milk, 2-3 basil leaves
3 shredded kaffir lime leaves, 3-4 cystic eggplant
Instruction: Heat on medium heat, add coconut milk, curry paste and meat.
Add to boiling, taste and season as you like.
Add the eggplant, wait for it to boil again. Put the remaining vegetables and lift down.
To maintain quality, close the lid tightly and store in the refrigerator.
Avoid keeping in the hot and sunny place.