Q: Do you have insurance deposit service?

A: Products that are in the food group that we still have a money-saving policy on when the goods are returned. We do not sell the products and need to immediately destroy them.

This is for the safety of customers.

Q: The shelf life of the products is as varied.

A: Small products, stored together. Please study the shelf life according to the product information displayed on the website or as specified on the label.

Q: Is there a wholesale price?

A: The company produces and sells various types of products. If you want to order in bulk

Q: Which channels and where can you order products?

A: Order products via the website. http://immheeimmhee.com Is the main channel or facebook.com/immheeimmhee

Q: Does the store have a storefront or branch?

A: Im Mee is mainly distributing products online. At present, there is no store or branch you like. Don’t be fooled by false claims which must be sold and increased distribution channels. You can follow the public relations through the website. Im the only bear

Q: Place an order But have not received the product

A: Im Bear is responsible for delivery of products on the agreed date with the customer. But customers are wondering whether to receive the product as specified, please use the tracking number provided by Im to use to track the product directly from the carrier.

Q: Can it be returned?

A: If you find a product issue known to be faulty, please contact us by email. immheeimmhee@gmail.com

Q: How about the delivery time?

A: After confirming the transfer amount, the store will deliver the product the next day or according to the carrier or agreed with the customer. Generally, the shipping time is 1-3 days depending on the carrier area. Providing related services or sharing